Oracle Consultant UK

Oracle is one of the biggest integrated hardware and software businesses in the world and controls 40% of the international database market. Certification as Oracle consultant is important to an IT professional and can be obtained from completion of course at Oracle training centers  Having its headquarters in the UK and being a widely used tool in the UK, there is a huge potential for Oracle consultants here.

A qualified Oracle consultant is generally a person having a minimum four years university degree and a few years of work experience in IT and Database management related fields and an Oracle Certified Professional. There are many consultancy firms in the UK that provide Oracle consultant services. Maa-it Limited and others are some organizations in the UK that provide Oracle consultant services. The demand for Oracle consultants in the UK has been on the rise for the past few years. Based on job listings in, the average salary of an Oracle consultant in the UK is about £60000 a year. The demand mainly stems from the city areas like London, Yorkshire, Nottingham etc. Oracle consultants in the UK are required for the various Oracle applications like Oracle Finance, Oracle 11g, Oracle EBS, SQL and Oracle Applications.

When it comes to business process management, software and ERP, no other consultant commands the level of attention as an oracle consultant. The Oracle consultant is universally respected, highly sought after, and handsomely compensated especially so in UK where there is a demand-supply mismatch of Oracle consultants. Opportunities for Oracle consultants have increased especially after Oracle’s acquisition of PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. The financial rewards and the prestige of being a highly sought after professional is what sets apart Oracle consultants from the others.

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