Oracle Consultant UK

Today in the IT Industry, there is a tremendous influx of quality Oracle products in many fields like Databases, Middleware, Virtualization Services, Enterprise Management software and solutions, Development Languages like Java or even the servers like SPARC. Also, given the high number of high-end technology companies in UK like banks, retail chains and other industries which are embracing increasing number of Oracle apps, there is a huge demand for quality Oracle Consultants in UK market.

An Oracle Consultant is expected to leverage the existing infrastructure with his expertise and also help the company choose the right blend of Oracle suite of products to add more value to the performance and robustness of the end to end infrastructure system. The functions performed by an Oracle consultant may include database modelling or architecture design, middleware architecture design, virtualization methodologies, ERP Planning etc.

A consultant would be responsible to ensure proper selection of Oracle technologies and also with their efficient architecture planning.

Generally, an Oracle Consultant is expected to have a graduation degree along with an official Oracle certification in their domain of expertise. Also, the person is expected to have a good knowledge of the entire ecosystem consisting of Unix, Windows, DB, Servers etc so as to have the complete end-to-end working knowledge of the system to be designed and maintained.

There are many official Oracle certifications of various levels which can be useful to prove proficiency of a consultant in their respective domains.

Given the huge response of IT industries to the Oracle products especially by dominant markets like UK, it’s only natural that an Oracle consultant enjoys a better selection of available jobs and that too with a good pay package. There are many consultancies which are based out of UK who help their clients find such right pool of Oracle consultants.